We are a Brotherhood

Each member works to develop character – Honor, Discipline, Respect, Integrity… – and together we work to accomplish goals within the world:

We prepare to protect our families against difficult times

We work to make character development a valued part of our nation’s culture

We work to make our circles – families, friends, neighbors – self-reliant to weather the coming storm

We combat the division that is tearing our world apart

As a Member of The Order:

< You will become part of a tight-knit Team that will be there to help you through tough times.

< You will work with your Team to prepare yourself and your family, and eventually your neighbors, to become self-reliant in areas such as water, food, shelter, electricity, etc.

< You will become part of a like-minded network within your city or county.  And in turn, you will gain the support of the entire Order.